CalArts GameMakers

An atmospheric game where must ascend a tower at the end of the world to receive a wish from a god.
A game about getting lost.
A 2D top-down adventure/puzzle game in which light is dangerous.
A platforming game where you find yourself in a bleak, strange area, seemingly habited
A tartan-clad ghost searches a storybook world for their lost grave.
A driving simulator game that follows a driver’s choices throughout a 5-day delivery.
Romance-comedy RPG/dating sim inside a shared dream world where a date goes wrong.
Role Playing
A bright, gentle,and colorful 2d dating simulator/visual novel.
Visual Novel
A puzzle game where you play as a robot barber!
Point and click about a museum security guard
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A sci-fi farming game where you play as Phillip, an astronaut, who helps alien plants!
A 3D platformer where you play as a lost boulder who's trying to find its way home.