A downloadable game for macOS

When an evil villain (sleazy casino owner from Vegas) shuts off California’s water supply, it’s up to one nameless cowboy and his trusty lasso to retrieve his boot back and begin his quest to get the water back to California.


Maxx Bradley - Team Leader, Programmer
Jack Nop - Level Designer
Travis Nishii - Writer
Samuel Wilby - Composer
Mandy Perea - Artist
Kim Nguyen - Artist
Christopher Brosnan - Voice Actor


Vincent De La TorreMarley TownsendRoy BerardoTheo Vaillant


Justin Yau Him

Evan Sutterfield

You can listen to the soundtrack from this game and other CalArts Game Makers titles here!


The Buckaroo With No Name vs. Mr Sleaze: A Fistful of Water and Vengeance!

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