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Story of the Lightning Bugs is a 2D top-down adventure/puzzle game. It explores a dark, post-apocalyptic world in which the light exuded by the people around you is never safe.  You must listen to the stories of the firefly-infected, non-violent, but dangerous enemies around you in order to solve puzzles and fill up your entire notebook to keep track of the origin of the outbreak.


Mandy Perea - Moderator

RGHG - Programmer

Marco Zhang - Level Designer

Lilia Pretto - Writer

Zachary Ross - Writer

Maxx Bradley - Composer/Sound Designer

Ryan Yoshikami - Composer

Cameron Kane - Composer

Natalie Baber - Asset Artist

Dax Wong - Concept Artist


Vincent De La Torre, Marley Townsend, Roy Berardo, Theo Vaillant

You can listen to the soundtrack from this game and other CalArts Game Makers titles here!


Story of the Lightning Bugs

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