A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

Phytonaut was a game created by students in the Spring of 2018 at California Institute of the Arts for the CalArts Game Makers Club.

This is a farming fetching game featuring Philip, who lands on a planet in search of seeds to plant on their home and befriends a variety of sentient alien plant life!

This game is available for Mac and Windows

If you're having trouble opening the Mac version:

  • Go to System Preferences > Security & Privacy > General. 
  • Under "Allow apps downloaded from:" make sure the "App Store and identified developers" option is selected then click "Open Anyways".
  • If there is no "Open Anyways" option, then try opening up the Fresh Cuts file and the "Open Anyways" option should appear.


  • Ryan Yoshikami - Team Lead, Composer
  • Nathan Ho - Programmer 
  • Whitney Yuen - Artist
  • Lily Windsor - Artist
  • Seon Ho Shin - Artist
  • Ben Tillotson - Composer, Sound Engineer
  • Brandon Chang - Composer
  • Kyle Tucker - Composer
  • Socks Whitmore - Writer
  • Jeff Huang - Producer
  • Théotime Vaillant - Producer
  • Vince De La Torre - Producer


Phytonaut - Windows 19 MB
Phytonaut - Macintosh 30 MB