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"Wake up, little one! The aisles darken and the day is done. You find yourself in a place unexpected–a restless spirit resurrected."

Play as a tartan-clad ghost as you wander a storybook graveyard in search of your resting place.  A mysterious, omniscient Narrator aids your travels, and the villainous Librarians stalk you through the darkness.  Solve puzzles to build and climb your way to safety.  

This is a demo level of a game in development.


WASD to move. 

Click to select, click and hold to drag.


Roy Berardo - Programming & Music

Vincent De La Torre- 3D Character Art/Environments

Marley Townsend - Story/Writing & Concept

Theo Vaillant - Consulting

K. Mercedes - Voice Actor (Narrator)

Brian Keith "BK" Dawson - Voice Acting (Librarian)

You can listen to the soundtrack from this game and other CalArts Game Makers titles here!


I Am Not Here - Demo


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Great work so far! The voice acting, lighting and artwork are fantastic so far and you've got a great puzzle foundation to work off of, keep it up!!

Hi CoalFire, thank you so much for your kind words and fantastic video review! The encouragement keeps us goin'!  -Marley