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Starlight is an atmospheric 1st person walking sim/platformer in which you the player must ascend a surreal tower at the end of the world in order to receive a wish from a mysterious god.  It is a game about grief and coming to terms and acceptance. You spend the game ascending a tower and encountering characters that are going through grief in different ways, and in the end you yourself must make a decision that either determines if you have come to terms with your grief regarding the world or not.


Isa Hanssen - Moderator

Kim Nguyen

Noah Lemelson

Ji Hyun Ahn/Charles

Jack Nop

Meagan Rufo

Kathleen Fox

Soowan An

Thomas Lemuel Witwer

Rebecca Drapkin


Vincent De La TorreMarley TownsendRoy BerardoTheo Vaillant




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download link dead, alternative?

would love to play this but every time I got to hit start the game lingers on a black screen for a few moments and then proceeds to crash

Hi, thechosen1!  Thank you for letting us know, we'll work on fixing it ASAP!  Thanks for your support! -Marley


Hello there! I've had a great amount of time playing Starlight! Beautiful graphics too! keep it up! 

Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest? 

Check out our itch.io page for more info :) 


Hi GDWC, thanks so much!  Your support means a lot to us! -Marley

Good luck ;) 

I didn't get to wish for infinite ice cream....

Oh no!! Best of luck on your next play through...maybe there is ice cream in your future yet!  -Marley

Okay thanks :) 

I played through this with my 7 yr old daughter, and we did enjoy it. 

Hey guys, great work! The art style was really beautiful and the character interactions really fleshed out the experience. It did seem like there were a few typos and I'm not sure if there's a way to get a different ending, but still a good time nonetheless!

Hey CoalFire, thanks so much!  We really appreciate your support!  And thanks for the awesome video review as well, we love the feedback!  -Marley