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works for 32xwin bits?

A well-made 3D visual novel-type game that paints a bleak dystopic future that may be an eerie prophecy of tomorrow. Just the way I like it. I did a four-part silent play-through of this masterpiece. Here is Part 1, the rest can be found on my channel in the Indie Games Playlist. To not spoil the game I only play one possible ending. Thanks for one of the best games I have played this year. I gave it a great rating on

Hi ookamishadows!  Wow, thank you!  The people on this team worked extremely hard on this game–so it's marvelous to hear how much you liked it!  Thank you for your support!  -Marley

My pleasure. I look forward to your next projects and I am going to try out your other titles too. You guys impressed me with Georgia, so, I am itching to play the others too.